The NotaBene Thinking And Comprises framework defines 7 steps

Process can start at any point in the framework depending on the situation and is iterative.


The SMM is the recommendation or status of your initiative. The singular most important point you want to make. It needs to be short and encapsulate the entirety of your proposal

Audience Analysis

Evaluate and Understand the Audience, Key Stakeholders and Engagement Plan


Identify the key issues and underlying causes of the Situation and connect the Audience, Message and key Arguments through Complications

Mece, pyramid arguments

Define the key arguments through logical analysis, MECE and Pyramid structuring.

AI Integration

Leverage AI to brainstorm, summarize, structure and build out arguments in real time


Review Argumentation for robustness and accuracy, build in risks

Integrate and communicate

Integrate recommendations into communication and presentation tools.

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